Flatbed Truck

Hedin Flatbed Trucks, Flatbed Transporter consist of a drive unit with fix connected load forks.
As standard design they are available up to 500 tons load capacity. Flatbed Transport Trucks with higher load capasity can be offered.
Whilst the drive unit is standardized as far as possible, the load unit always is customized - specific, in order to meet customers requirements.
As standard controlled with radio control in order to allow the operator to choose the position which grants him the optimal working conditions, in front, behind or at the side of the truck. 
Electric  Flatbed Truck, self proppelled, battery driven.
Normally used for moving heavy goods inside on concreate floor.
Used for internal transport of heavy goods for example coils, dies, tools, sheets, transformer windings, castings, machine parts, nacelles and machine parts.
Hedin Flatbed Transporter is the perfect solution for moving heavy and geometrically demanding goods.
Zero turning radius possible when using the multidirectional, All way drive model.
Can also be delivered as AGV - Automatic Guided Vehicle.

Features : Electric - emission free, Radio remote control, Load cells for weihing, Small turn radius, Zero turn radius.