Automated Guided Vehicle - AGV

The Hedin AGV, Automated Guided Vehicle provide intelligent solutions for all situations
where the large loads need to be precisely and efficently transported
The possibility of reliably steering our vehicles in different directions in tight spaces.
Omnidirectional maneuverability, all directional drives means we can drive diagonal and sideways as well as turning on the spot.
For the really heavy or bulky loads several vehicles can be coupled.
Often it is used witin flow production lines, to transport the large components to be producet from work station to work station.
Makes your flow productions lines extreamly flexible, as it does not need rails.

Different types of navigation methods but Laser guidance is standard.
Several built in safety system on AGV - Sick laser bumpers, Slow down & stop zones, Elektro-mechanical switchers....
MAX Transport Managment System
MAX order and warehouse system
MAX 3D visualisation.
MAX Statistics and reports

AGV information PDF