The Hedin Coilhandling solutions with coilcars comes in many different sizes and models. Can pick up coils up to 60 tons onto its prism and hand it over to a suitable decoiler.
Can pick up coils directly from a recoiler onto its prism or onto an exchangable prism stand.
The wheeled free ranging electric battery powered  coilcar  makes your coilfeeding line independent from the avalilability of an overhead crane.
Coilcar, Coilhandler with high lift on a pike or spike. Transport coils up to 60 tons weight and lift them up to 2500 mm mandrel height.
Pick up coils at the coil storage and transport them to the coil feeding line and to position them there, for example onto a stationary coil car.
Substitute within the building the missing end-to end crane runway.Heavy Coilhandling equipment. Electric free ranging, trackless coilcars.