Die Change Table

Stationary Die Change Tables manually push/pull or motorized system with Hedin die mover system operaitin in T-slot. Stationary Die Change Tables usually are installed at the rear side of the press and are designed as a T-shape or L-shape.
This type of construction allows the operator to deliver the next press die earlier, whilst the the old press die still is working within the press. As soon as the old die is pulled out of the press and pushed onto the free side of the T-shaped Die Change Table, the new prepared die can be moved sidewards up to the front of the press table. After that it can be pushed into the press immeadiatly. Strong steel frame with Hedin Die Roller on top for easy movement of the dies in/out and sideways. Easy, quick and safe die changing with the hedin die change table. Always customized to your needs and sizes of dies.