Pneumatic Die Rollers

Pneumatic Die Rollers / Die Lifters with Rollers or Balls. Minimilize the force needed to position your heavy dies, Hedin offer a comprehensive portfolio of die rollers / die lifters. Die rollers makes your die move smoothly into position in/out of the press.
Simple installation at existing presses in T-slots without work intensive and expensive hydraulic installation. Rollers with larger Diameter can be used compared to hydraulic Die lifters. This also give less friction and less force to push / pull the tool at the Die Change.
Installation only takes a few minutes and you do not have to worry about leaking hydraulic oil. The die lifters comes in 3 different sizes for T-slots, T22, T28, T32. Always measure your T-slot with order or when asking for a quote we customize for almost any T-slot.
Die rollers with wheels is used to move the die in one direction linear forward or backword (in/out of pressbed). Roller/wheel model is suitable for heavy dies can carry more weight with less friction.
Die rollers with balls give the most flexible movement. The die can be moved in any direction allowing flexible and accurate positioning. A ball has one contact point, maiking it more suitable for smaller / less heavy dies

Prices and tecnical data
Die Rollers with wheels
Die Rollers with balls
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