Coil Turning Tilting Tables, beside of their standard function of tilting coils by 90° between horizontal and vertical position, do have the additional function of turning the coil by 180°.
Coil Turning Tilting Tables in principle are constructed in the same way than the normal Coil Tilting Tables, but additionally they are standing on a turning base. On top of this turning base, during tilting the coil by 90°, they are rotating by 180°. 
By tilting and turning simultaneously, after tilting process the tilted coil can be picked up in upright position (by crane or coil transport cart) from the same side, from which it before had been put onto the coil tilting table by forklift or coil transport cart.By this way only one access side is needed, the coil turning tilting table can be positioned with its rear side to the wall. Less space is needed, only one access side has to be controlled safetywise. This additionally increases the safety for the operator.