Electric heavy duty transpallets

Electric heavy duty transpallets

04 April 2024

Electric pallet trucks with high payloads
Hedin Lagan Sweden is specialised in the design and manufacture of electric pallet trucks with very high payloads of up to 200 tonnes. An electric pallet truck is a highly flexible machine which combines the convenience of an ultra low-level loading platform with the functionality of a liftable one.

Thanks to these features, Hedin, with its electric pallet trucks, can handle ultra-heavy loads in total safety without the use of overhead or standard cranes which would make overhead loads less safe for operators.
All you have to do is position the load on suitable steel pallets so that a Hedin pallet truck can be positioned under the pallet to lift and transport it elsewhere in your facility. You can even simply rest the load on supports (e.g. wooden blocks), so that the pallet truck can lift the load off them and place it on other supports in another part of your facility. And this can be done with loads of up to 200 ton. Given the high payloads, all Hedin pallet trucks have power steering, making operations less tiring for the operators.

We can supply electric pallet trucks with a steering bar, but Morello’s customers usually prefer to control the pallet truck with a pendant push-button panel or a radio remote control to minimise the steering radius and give operators effortless control over the machine.
Our heavy duty electric pallet trucks are battery powered. All our models can include either standard lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries. The lithium battery is usually more requested given its extreme flexibility and extra-long life. The lithium battery makes it possible to cut charging times down to a minimum because it can also be charged for just a few minutes during break times or shift changes, restoring all the power that has been consumed. The maximum recharging time is just around 2 hours when the battery is completely flat.
Hedin can supply pallet trucks with standard sizes and functions, as well as with fully customised features, i.e. with two forks or a single loading bed, specific lengths and widths, various travel speeds, climbing ability, wheels for uneven floors, etc.

On request:
We can supply our heavy duty electric pallet trucks in AGV version (automated guided vehicles). We can also supply individual automatic pallet trucks or entire fleets, including a management system, with different navigation technologies, from the simplest to the most advanced.
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